The Nut Bowl League

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Semi Finals: Blue Mountain Earthquakes vs. The Disco Dead

Ogres triumph!

A single touchdown seperated the two teams in the literally dying minutes of the match. A classic Ogre win over the dead bodies of their opponents! A bit of fist and a lot of luck!

Not only are the Ogres in the finals, they stand as undisputed causers of pain, adding another four casualties to their bellies. Captain Bezagg Brainbasher led the charge as usual, causing two of those casualties, putting him in clear contention to win the Golden Gauntlet award with 8 casualty caused this season.

Twitchy No.743 is gunning for the Miniscule Player of the Year award after getting his 3rd Touchdown of the season. Just short of being the first Twitchy in history to have two new skills!

"Consistency is our secret to our current performance. We have caused at least 4 casualties in every match regardless of how strong the opposition is," said the Captain Brainbasher in the post-match interview.

When asked about the crucial game winning touchdown, he replied,"I was not paying attention. We beat the opponents up so badly that in the end, their team morale collapsed and they were running off the pitch to avoid us. I think one of the Twitchies must have got the ball at that point and scored. We'll have to study the video replays."

"The Bearded Ladies will be a tough team to beat. They seem to be more interested in scoring touchdowns than playing the game, and historically, we have some trouble coping with teams that use that tactic.

We definitely have some room for improvement in our game. Hopefully we can cause at least five casualties in the Finals to top off our wonderful season so far."

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Semi Finals: Hongo Valley Wildflowers vs. Bearded Ladies

Its the semi finals and the Orcess turned out in force to support the wildflowers in their bid for the chaos cup!

The orcs won the toss and elected to receive but obviously the crowd disagreed with the situation and started a riot. While the pitch officials brought them back into order the referees restarted the match.

Despite some heavy punching, the Wildflowers never made it across the centre line with the ball. The brutal Bearded Ladies however managed to KO two of the Wildflower blitzers who spent the rest of the game licking their wounds. Then a sudden push against the weakened orc line saw the dwarven blitzer BukBard sacking the ball and try for a score. But this was quickly put to an end by the wildflowers captain Ratama who reclaimed the ball and spent the rest of the half defending it, all chance of scoring lost.

And with that, the half drew to an end with the dwarves venting their fustration. Nargs the slayer pushed the orc blocker Mustard into the crowd who amazingly emerged unharmed, and the dwarf in reserve settled for a bit of vandalism.

The second half started much more differently with the crowd's cheering going out of control, bring both team's spirit up. The dwarves went for a many sided offense, using the majority of the team's strength to push through the right, while Forbrinmin snuck through on the left. Seeing the potential danger in the lone dwarf running amuck in their back field, Wildflowers captain Ratama lead a strike force with Ficus the goblin and Parsley the thrower to ganged up and overpowered the lone dwarf, who had to be stretchered off. Despite no permenant injury, she won't be playing for the rest of the game.

After dealing with the pesky dwarf, Ratama and gang went back to reinforce the line against dwarven push down the right side. However the Beared Ladies still managed to wedge a tiny corridor open and Amanbar pumped her little legs like she has never pumped them before, dashing all out and scoring a touch down bringing the Bearded Ladies into the lead.

In the remaining minutes of the game, the wildflowers thrower Parsley picked up the kicked ball and running back forward, completed a pass to the blitzer Azaleas. She then dashed down the holes ridden dwarven defense to aim for an equaliser. As the dwarves realised the danger, they sped up and covered her as much as they could. The wildflowers tried to pull more players down the dwarven field to clear a path for their striker to score but a slip by the new blocker Vervain broke the momentum of the team and the clock ended.

A one nil victory for the Bearded Ladies securing their place in the Chaos Cup final.

MVP for the Bearded Ladies went to Bukbard, who managed to provide the best entertainment of the game by falling flat on her face after throwing two 1s on a go for it.

MVP for the Wildflowers went to the new lineorc Dewberry who handled herself adequately among her more skilled teamate, gamefully standing on the line of skirmage and getting beaten up.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Round five: Hongo Valley Wildflowers vs. Bearded Ladies

more information as it comes in,
Final score for the Hongo Valley Wildflowers was no touchdown and 2 casualties, earning them no league points.

Final score for the Bearded Ladies was 2 touchdowns and 3 casualties, earning them 5 league points.


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Round five: Silent D'Arters vs. The Disco Dead

more information as it comes in,
Final score for the Silent D'Arters was 2 touchdown and 5 casualties, earning them 3 league points.

Final score for the Disco Dead was 2 touchdowns and 3 casualties, earning them 3 league points.



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Round five: Blue Mountain Earthquakes vs. Redskull Rascals

more information as it comes in,
Final score for the Blue Mountain Earthquakes was 1 touchdown and 3 casualties, earning them 3 league points.

Final score for the Redskull Rascals was 1 touchdown and 2 casualties, earning them 2 league points.








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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Round four: Bearded Ladies vs. Silent D'Arters

more information as it comes in,
Final score for the Bearded Ladies is 3 touchdowns and 5 casualties, earning them 6 league points.

Final score for the Silent D'Arters is 1 touchdown and no casualties, earning them no league points.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Round four: The Disco Dead vs. Blue Mountain Earthquakes

Disco Dead fans turn out in numbers and the Dead have +1 FAME. The Ogres wins toss and chooses to receive. Kick goes out of bounds and is placed in the hands of a Snotling.

As the ball floats through the air, the Cheering Disco Fans break into a chant and you can feel the Disco Dead come to life.

The Dead set up well back and take the Ogres first push well. The Disco Dead edge towards the left field and gang up on and knock down a Ogre. Boogie has his eye on the Snotling carrying the ball who feels threatened and scampers over to his left. Too late, he's knocked down and the ball is loose.

The BM can't pick up the ball. The Dead again gang up on an Ogre and it takes 2 WWs, a Wight and 2 Zombies to knock him out!

2 Ogres aren't enough to keep the Disco Dead away. 8 of them knock the Ogres down and open a path to the Ogre backfield for Le Freak. Mr Furious knocks humslef down in the process but both side roll snake eyes for the Armour Roll.

With an Ogre down the BMs move the ball back to their right. Being next to Brother Sledge doesn't help Boney M who gets CAS by 3 Ogres with Morghurg Facemangler getting the honours. He needs a few days in the cemetery to recover.

3 Snotlings start a drive for the endzone. But before the downed Ogres can get up to support the drive, a bit of bad luck causes a turnover. All those down Ogres allow the werewolves to dash back and get between the Snotlings and the endzone.

The BMs consolidate and pull the ball back behind their Ogres. Brother Sledge CAS Snotling 741 and a Bone-headed Ogre allows Mr Furious to break through and sack the ball carrier. He tries to go for the ball but falls over in the attempt.

Turns 7 and 8

During the ongoing melee on the right field, Boogie manages to CAS an Ogre.

In the centre, the Snotlings just cannot pick up the ball which leaves the Blue Mountain back field open.

With some fancy footwork, Mr Furious stands up, blitzes a Snotling, picks up the ball and heads for the endzone. He is well covered by The Shoveller and Brother Sledge.

With only 3 Ogres left on the field, the BMEs ignore the ball to go head bashing and Mr Furious scores.

With an Ogre down the BME can't cover the field.

The DDs are down a Zombie as well. They set up very heavily weighted on the right but why are both werewolves in the back field? A mistake or just excessive caution.

And the DD pay for that mistake as the ball lands on the perfect position, just behind the LOS on the right. While kicking himself for not having the werewolves in position, the coach forgets that the Wights are pretty decent ball carriers as well.

Turn 2

By sheer weight of numbers, the Disco Dead knock down the last Ogre on the right field.

Mr. Furious breaks through with the Wright twins providing good cover.

But it's too late. Two Snotlings step into the the path of Mr. Furious. Then Bezagg Brainbasher uses Break Tackel to blitz Mr Furious ... but Mr Furious stays on his feet.

But it's too late. Two Snotlings step into the the path of Mr. Furious. Then Bezagg Brainbasher uses Break Tackle to blitz Mr Furious ... but Mr Furious stays on his feet.

Turn 3

The DD dead try to clear some space for Mr Furious to escape the trap but Woogie falls over trying to dodge out and it's a turnover before Mr Furious can move.

The BME waste no time in knocking Mr Furious down and knocking the ball loose. A Snotling attempts a pick up but he fails and the ball bounces to Boogie who catches it!

Another attempt to open a hole for Mr Furious to escape. This time Le Freak falls over in a dodge attempt. Things are not looking good as the DD end their own turn with 3 critical players on the ground while 2 Ogres bear down on Boogie.

Boogie is down and the ball's sitting on the sideline.

Turn 5

With only 4 players standing, Brother Sledge leads an attack that sends 2 Ogres to the floor. The 2 Werewolves and Woogie run away from the ball in their desperation to get away from the 2 standing Ogres.

Poor ball handling continues to plague the BMEs as a Snotling fumbles the ball into the crowd which then throws it all the way to the center field.

Turns 6 and 7

Mr Furious dashes over to pick up the ball and has a clear run to the BME endzone. The BMEs don't even attempt to stop Mr Furious but take their frustration out on the other DDs but fail to injure any.

Turn 8

On the kick-off, the BMEs are stunned by their bad luck. The DD take advantage rearrange for a Perfect Defense, avoiding the worst of the Ogres and surviving the initial onslaught.

The DDs then gang up on the Ogres. They knock 2 down but do no damage. In an amazing turn of events, Knock on Wood double downs Vargh the Hunter. After they pull the bodies apart, the Ogre has been CAS'ed!

Final score for the Disco Dead was 2 touchdowns and 4 casualties, earning them 5 league points.

Final score for the Blue Mountain Earthquakes was no touchdowns and 3 casualties, earning them 1 league point.

see here for pictures!

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Round four: Hongo Valley Wildflowers vs. Redskull Rascals

A brutal match-up has been promised with the boy orcs of the Redskull Rascals and the girl orcs from the Hongo Valley Wildflowers scheduled for game today!

As both sides take up their field positions, a crazed Redskull fan throws a huge rock from the sidelines, smashing the knee of Wildflower blocker Opuntia. Looks like it will never heal completely, poor sad thing. As she was being stretchered off, the Rascals kicks a short ball that lands right into the hands of the Wildflower blitzer Azaleas who dashes ahead into the Rascal’s line with the rest of her team mates.

In the ensuing melee, the Rascal troll Screefin pummels the Wildflower lineorc Camellia, badly hurting her, while the Wildflowers take revenge as the blocker Beebalm barrel into the Rascal blitzer Fordip, braking a couple of ribs. Looks like he won’t recover before the next game.

In the madness of the pushing around, several Rascals team up and smashed through Azaleas’ guards knocking her to the ground and bouncing the ball away into the hands of Ethmean, the Rascal thrower. Not extremely pleased, she immediately stands up and headbutts Ethmean, badly hurting him. Unfortunately the ball bounces into the crowd who gayfully tossed it back onto the pitch, over the heads of the two orc teams.

With both teams entangled on the left side of the field, and the ball all the way to the right, the Wildflower goblin, Aster manages to slip out, scoops up the ball, and ran all the way to the end zone. Score one for the Wildflowers in a very brutal drive.

It’s the Rascal’s turn to receive and they soon formed a cage around the ball carrier and slowly edges forward. The Wildflower surrounds the cage slowing their advance but unfortunately Aster the Wildflower goblin managed to end up next to Screefin, the Rascal’s troll and was killed in the stampede.

The Wildflowers manages to break the cage but not before the ball carrier runs off into safety. But it was too late to score and the half ends.

It seems the same mean spirited Redskull fan has not left as the second half starts with another rock the flew out and stuns Parsely the Wildflower thrower. The Rascals capitalized on the hole in the already depleated Wildflower line and pushes forward hard while the newly hired goblin Rancelot picks up the ball.

After a grueling scrum work, Rancelot manages to break free of the defending Wildflowers and speeds down to the Wildflower endzone, only to trip on his big toe at the last yard. The ball is then picked up by the Wildflower thrower Parsely who throws it to fellow blitzer Clover attempting to bring the ball as far from their endzone as possible.

However the outnumbered girls were not able succeed as the Rascals reclaimed the ball, and throws it down field to the waiting Rancelot who finally dashes once again towards the end zone. This time he makes it and scores the equalizer in the final moments of the second half, turning a loss into a draw.

Final score for the Hongo Valley Wildflowers was 1 touchdown and 2 casualties, earning them 2 league points.

Final score for the Redskull Rascals was 1 touchdown and 3 casualties, earning them 3 league points.

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Round three: Bearded Ladies vs. Redskull Rascals

more information as it comes in,
Final score for the Bearded Ladies is 2 touchdowns and 2 casualties, earning them 4 league points.

Final score for the Redskull Rascals is no touchdowns and 1 casualty, earning them no league points.













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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scatter template

Click here to see part one, how I did the number tracks
Click here to see part two, how I did the dugout

Lastly as you can see, there is a bare plot of land behind the dice tray and between the number tracks.

I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to do with it but in the end I decided to cut out a square and do the scatter template on it. This was done simply by using the same method as the number track.

The left over section I just made it into a box. I can be used to hold the dices that are not being used at the time. Or it could be the holding pen for players to chill after being sent off by the ref. This was also done the same way as the dice tray.

And here is the completed thing, ready for play!

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Click here to see how the number track was done

Now to make the dugout. First the bottom plate is cut out using the same board as the number track, making sure the width is the same. You can see that the area is marked out for the three parts, reserve, knocked out and dead. This later proved to be pointless as I stuck the felt over it....

Next, using spray adhesive, a layer of felt is stuck onto the board. I intend to stick wooden sticks onto the board to act as walls. Since it will not stick properly to the felt, the parts that the wood will go need to be denuded. Carfully marking out the parts that need to go, a sharp knife is used to cut the felt, then it is peeled off. The peeling off has to be done carefully incase the felt has not been cut through, as you don't want to deform the parts you want to keep. A bit of fur removal is needed to pluck out as much as possible of the felt that the spray adhesive grabbed.

The board was next given a light mist using a dark brown spray can to give it a bit of shading. Try to get it onto the area next to where the walls would be.

Next drybrush the felt using succesively lighter brown paints. I did 3 layers on mine.

I thought it would be fun to mark the KO and dead boxes with yellow and red boxes like the official cardboard ones. Also because I'm still not sure I'll be marking them with text so some sort of seperating the boxes would be good. So I use two pieces of card to mask a line and paint onto the felt the two colours. Basically you put the card over the parts you don't want paint on, exposing the parts you want painted, then paint it! Instant straight line.

I then sawed a bunch of wood into the appropriate lengths, painted them dark brown, then stuck them onto the board using liquid nails.

Then another round of drybrushing, this time on the wooden 'walls' and the dugouts are finished.

Now this leaves a bit of empty space in the middle so I thought it would be neat to have an area for you to roll dice in so you don't knock over all your minis with an over vigourous block dice! First I measured the difference in the length of my pitch and the total of the two dugouts. Then the same base board is cut to that length, and the same width as the dugouts.

Using pretty much the same process as the dugout, a sheet of green felt is stuck onto the board, and the boarders are removed for the wooden walls. This time, I thought that it was okay to leave the felt unpainted.

The wooden walls were sawed to the right length, painted black, then stuck on, again with liquid nails. The black was touched up a bit and then its all done!

And finally, the scatter template and misc tray!

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Number Track

I decided to start doing a home made dugout to go with my gaming board. I thought it was best to have it in multiple parts one with the number track and one with the actual dug outs for the players. I wasn't going to spend too much time on it so it had to be simple.

First off, I measured and cut out a suitable sized board. I'm not quite sure what the technical name of the board is, its sort of pulp + adhesive pressed into a board.

I then use spray adhesive to stick a layer of cereal box cardboard on top. It wasn't long enough to go all the way so I decided to only have it over the numbers, and not the labels on the side (which indicate what the numbers represent). I have stuck it printed side down because sometimes the printing interferes with the primer. Plus the raw side has nicer texture.

I turned it over and trimmed the excess cereal box card off. Then flip it over again and mark in the squares. Next I use a dried out pen to draw heavily onto the cardboard, scoring in the boxes.

After that, I stuck on number stickers for the number track and the labels. I decided to have the score track here since my pitch does not have the score track. I also collapsed the two halfs onto one. I wanted to label the first column "score" but irritatingly ran out of "R"s so I changed it to "TD" for touch downs. Now I spray the whole thing black!

After the black, I slightly mist it with a pale greyish blue by making multiple quick passes with the spray can over the black.

Then the drybrushing begins. The sticker alphabets and numbers will stick out and the boxes scored with the pen will fall in so hopefully all of that will be picked up by the dry brush. I first gave it a light dry brush with an orangey brown. Then followed by multiple layers of a light creamy colour. I decided that that the details were not obvious enough so I used a black ball point pen and drew in the shadows on the words and numbers and also re-drew the lines for the box. After that, I gave it another few goes with the creamy colour dry brush and its done. Now to wait for a dry day and give it a few coats of varnish.

In hindsight, the TD looks really bare. I should have kept the label "score" and renamed "turn" into "down" or something. Oh well....

Next, the three section dugout.
Lastly, the scatter template.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beer with beauty

beer gardenWhen you bite the turf and your body is aching, it is so easy to just lie down on the recovery bench and wait for the full time horn to sound. But nothing keeps your chin up like a nice frothy mug of our best beer served by a gorgeous.

Reasonable rates, will travel to any game, big or small. Free flow of beer included in price.

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